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We believe the best learning curve occurs when humans learn from each other. The exceptional blockchain talents are out there. And they are building a legacy. These talents are keen to expand the horizons of what people know and expect of this technologies. But they need help in spreading this message to the world. We aspire to connect you with them so you can grow together in this path.


We will help you with growth process and marketing planning & strategy in blockchain field.


Differentiate your project by finding the right advisory member that will push your team forward to a new level.


Acquire valuable skills on intense workshops with experienced blockchain advisors.


You can explore and play around and at the same time we will connect you with the best projects out there.


We are offering sprint engagement and full-time team engagement for the following blockchain marketing services: Implementing Blockchain Marketing Framework, Go to market strategy, Marketing strategy & plan, Content and copywriting and Community building.



The best professionals are increasingly working on expanding their domain expertise to cutting-edge technologies. You can also take that path, attract new customers and grow your business. Through intense workshops with experienced experts acquire valuable skills and implement them working with challenging blockchain startups.

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Anita Jović

Product Marketing Manager

“Passionate about new technologies and transforming creativity into reality. Java development skills immixed with marketing and community building experience.”


Neda Stevanović


To seek for everlasting battle is to overcome any possible ending, gazing at the most divine depth of life. Any goal is reachable, and every effort is merely a phase in order to overcome oneself. A confident woman will apply this rule to any field of living, business is just a detail.


Ivana Fuks

Finance & Accounting

“I truly believe you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so make sure you surround yourself only with the best. Passionate about finance and finding the best talent.”

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