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Our only goal is to connect underground blockchain geeks with the inspiring fundamental projects. The blockchain industry is under rapid development and change, and the demand for talented blockchain developers increases every day. The truth is, talents from the block are interested in taking the industry forward. The last thing on their mind is to work for barren projects without future value.


Find an expert and ask him a forthright question. You can have an email, voice reply or a direct call.


Verification of blockchain expertise by LinkedIn authentification and voice call with our team.


This reputation system would be open and portable across platforms. Nobody can prevent you from using it.


You can explore and play around and at the same time we will connect you with the best projects out there.


You truly believe in blockchain technology

Your only goal is to become a part of exceptional projects. You entered the blockchain world because you want to build something that will leave a trademark on your development journey.

The exceptional blockchain talents are out there

Underground is probably the nearest ballpark to true blockchain talents adhere. But they are not searching for a job, they are building a legacy. These talents are keen to expand the horizons of what people know and expect of the blockchain. We aspire to connect them only with the fundamental and inspiring projects that will build the sustainable decentralized future.


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Anita Jović

Product Marketing Manager

“Passionate about new technologies and transforming creativity into reality. Java development skills immixed with marketing and community building experience.”


Neda Stevanović


To seek for everlasting battle is to overcome any possible ending, gazing at the most divine depth of life. Any goal is reachable, and every effort is merely a phase in order to overcome oneself. A confident woman will apply this rule to any field of living, business is just a detail.


Ivana Fuks

Finance & Accounting

“I truly believe you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so make sure you surround yourself only with the best. Passionate about finance and finding the best talent.”

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